Dental Assistant (Part-Time 2-3 days/wk) #2021811


A dynamic and driven dental practice on Brisbane ‘s Northside – near Sandgate.

We are seeking an enthusiastic and confident Dental Assistant who is keen to move into a reception position in the future, to join our clients team in a part-time position 2-3 days/week with a possible half day on a Saturday (casual probation). If you are career minded and seeking a team that are keen to grow alongside each other, we would love to chat!

Part-time Dental Assistant position

  • Do you have prior/current experience in the dental industry?
  • Are you a confident and effective communicator?
  • Do you relish caring for people every day in a patient-centric environment?
  • Is being part of a team that values your enthusiasm and energy, and strives for you to be your best a must for you?

The brief:

You will appreciate how your role connects the clinical and admin part of a dental practice together and be willing to work together as a team.

  • Patient and team communication are paramount.
  • You will have a high attention to detail and can work in a fast-paced environment.
  • Your involvement in genuine team collaboration and the smooth running of the practice will be appreciated and not go unnoticed!

About the role:

  • A part-time, permanent position (casual probation) 
  • 2-3 days/week with a possible half day Saturday 
  • The opportunity to grow and move into a receptionist position with training provided
  • Above award rates

Ready to apply?

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