Temp Dental Assistant

Location: BRISBANE


The Dental Connect Recruitment team are looking for GREAT staff for Temp Dental Assistant jobs!

DCR have CASUAL TEMPING SHIFTS available now!

The DCR team are seeking great new temp DA’s to join our temping team. Are you seeking something casual and flexible?  We’ve got you connected and covered!

Come and join the winning team and enjoy great working opportunities in casual temping shifts all over Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and surrounds. The DCR team pay above award rates and have temp shifts available! We are seeking casual dental assistants who hold the following qualities:

  • A strong work ethic with patient focus and enthusiasm in the workplace
  • A kind, caring, fun and friendly personality
  • A valid Queensland Blue Card required
  • Certificate III Dental Assisting preferred but not essential (if you do not have Cert III in Dental Assisting), 12 months experience in the dental practice setting is a must
  • Up to Date Infection Control procedures and knowledge
  • Current dental software knowledge
  • Experience with reception/administration experience would be an advantage

If this sounds like you we would LOVE to hear from you! Please call Marita 0439 024 878 or Rochelle 0439 000 162, from Dental Connect Recruitment for a chat, or email through your resume to info@dentalconnectrecruitment.com or click apply below!

Please be assured there are no fee’s invovled in applying to or registering with DCR – we are a free service for our job-seekers!

Applying through DCR allows you the opportunity to seek new positions in a confidential manner. All of our applications are handled with the utmost privacy, confidentiality and professionalism. We will walk you through the ins-and-outs of the position and help decide if it’s right for you! We offer a professional, relaxed and comfortable process in helping you find your ideal role!