Positive Words

Hi Everyone

I would like to share this great newsletter that comes from one of my friends. Enjoy the positive words and tips!

Chit Chat Sunday 22nd November 2015:




Imagine stepping forward in a pair of these brightly decorated shoes? I saw this photo and knew I had to put them into the Chit Chat this week.

We have a choice in deciding to make the rest of our year as happy as we can, to delight in the small things, to feel that life is truly aligned to our intentions that we wish to bring about. Imagine knowing that someone has your back and is with you totally – that this someone truly understands you and will only help to bring about anything that you desire. 2015 has been a year of manifestation – a year where you can bring into your life what you desire, the trick is, to know what it is you truly want.

This afternoon I had a great conversation with one of my neighbours – whom I have not seen in a while as she travels with her business often- and it was a delight to chat with someone who is so happy, joyous, and truly positive about her existence and how wonderful life is if you truly believe it is. She went on to tell me about her career and how it has taken off beyond her wildest dreams, that the business has grown and how marvellous each day is when you are doing something you truly love. I asked her for a little piece of advice: – Live your life doing what you are passionate about- when you truly follow your instincts, you will never have to work a day, you will just get up and find joy daily. Life is that good.

When she left, I felt complete gratitude to her for sharing her wisdom, sharing her experiences, and wanted to come home and share with you. As we are heading to the end of 2015 we then will be looking at a brand new year with a clean slate to which we can create, plan, new experiences be it whatever it is you feel you would love to have in your life. Perhaps you wish to meet new people, travel to places you have never been to, perhaps it maybe to learn something new, or just be a better and newer version of yourself, whatever it is, as my neighbour said, if you have passion for what it is your doing, it will never feel like work.

You will notice the happy sneakers are looking forward, ready to take some new steps, and they are not looking back or wishing you to walk backwards to days gone by, to ideas and limitations that you

may have placed on yourself from your past experiences, they are facing forwards ready to help you get to the new chapter of your exciting life.

The trick now is to take some time to start thinking about what you wish to bring about in 2016 – and giving yourself permission to create what you only feel and desire – and to ignite that personal passion that perhaps has been laying low waiting for you to step up and step forward. Many people in life feel that owe their life to others, doing what they expect, and following what Wayne Dyer would say, The Tribe Mentality, and feeling guilty if they dare to contemplate what they would dearly love to achieve and do.

The sneakers above are so cute- what a joy it would be to put them on – they encourage me to smile at the sight of such a shoe. The photo of the fairy on the shoe also encourages you and me to be a little more joyful in our steps- remembering we can bring about magic each and every day to ourselves and to others. Often it is the simple things in life that bring about the biggest rewards and a feeling of contentment. Perhaps we need to wand also – to make our wishes come true for the rest of 2015!!!

Kathy Willmington