What to wear to a Dental interview

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“Professional, Professional Presentation 101”

As part of the DCR team’s continued support of our lovely candidates I thought it would be best to do a “blog” about presenting yourself for an interview and what to wear to a dental interview.

The DCR team are asked a lot about dress standards and expectations for an interview. These are really quite simple:


Presentable and


When we use these words to describe interview attire, I do not mean rush out to the shops and buy the most expensive business type clothes on the rack; I mean take a quick look in your wardrobe and see what you have already that maybe suited for interviews and then head out and purchase (if you can afford it) a couple of items that you can mix and match with your clothes already. An example of this could be; a crisp white collared shirt, a plain black skirt and maybe another coloured collared shirt – these 3 items can be matched with business type black or navy trousers and a nice polished pair of shoes to match!

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Dental Assistant Interview Tips

Check out our Dental Assistant Interview Success tips and give yourself an edge before and during your interview!

If you are lucky enough to be chosen for an interview you have to ensure that you are able to tell the employer about yourself in a fairly short amount of time.


  • Always be early – if you are going to be late call your consultant so we can advise the client to let them know.
  • Always be courteous to everyone you meet. Being polite goes along way!
  • Interviews can seem daunting but with a little practice you can reduce your stress by ensuring that you: Research the company, Think about how you may respond to interview questions.
  • Always be positive and try and convey to employers how you can bring VALUE to their business.
  • Be confident and show self-worth about your contribution to their practice and business Even though the DCR team have sent your resume it is always helpful to have copies of your documents, Dental Assistant certificates and references with you at the interview. This shows that you took the time to be prepared.
  • Prepare and be ready for key questions – give responses that are detailed and accurate to your work history but be sure to keep to the facts. Always use eye contact- it’s not a good look if you are looking everywhere but at your interviewer. If you are interviewing for a clinical role, be prepared to answer questions about infection control, setting up dental materials and instruments for particular treatments and a range of dental assistant duties.
  • Engage your interviewer, sell your skills and most of all know what you can bring to the practice or organisation. You may have previous skills from another role or industry that apply to the position. This could be the edge for you!


The process of an interview differs from one to the other. It is always a good idea to ask about the next step and its process before leaving your first interview. This shows any perspective employer that you are very motivated and it may also provide you with much needed information about the final stage of the interview process.

Always ensure that you take the time to thank your interviewer for their time that they have spent with you.


Ensure that make contact with your Consultant immediately after the interview to give them a much anticipated update on how it all went. Your consultant will always want to hear your feedback on the interview before they make contact with the client. This is now the time for you to take a much needed break and relax as you have tried your best!


Even if you are not successful with the position, always ensure that you treat your interview as a learning experience. The Dental Connect Recruitment Team will always give you feedback on any areas where improvements can be made.

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