Specialist Dental Assisting Roles available now!

Dental jobs

The DCR team are seeking applications from dental candidates who have current specialist dental assisting experience working within either, Periodontics, Orthodontics and Oral Maxillofacial Surgery practices.

Our Periodontist client, is a professional and supportive specialist practice located in the Gold Coast area who are seeking a highly motivated, confident and patient focused specialist dental assistant with current and up-to-date dental assisting skills and knowledge. You will be seeking stability and engage patients with your smile and warmth whilst working. Previous experience with Periodontics charting and terminology is necessary to undertake and apply for this role.


Excellent dental assisting/chairside skills and the ability to undertake all sterilization duties as required, excellent periodontics dental charting and computer skills; up-to-date infection control experience and knowledge; can accompany the dentist and travel Interstate once a month; hold excellent communication skills and attention to detail; be well-spoken and well-presented and most of all be a talented team player and have exceptional patient focus and care.

Our Specialist Orthodontics client is searching for an exceptional person to join a vibrant Orthodontic practice on Brisbane’s Northside. Do you have a vibrant and engaging personality! Do you love to develop strong relationships with you team and patients alike? Do you describe yourself as “switched on” and able to show initiative and work well within a team as well as hold the further skills below?


Experience working in a Private Dental or Orthodontic Practice for a minimum of 2 years; Cert III in Dental Assisting is highly regarded; experience with Orthodontics is highly desirable; have a thorough understating of infection control procedures; a strong focus on developing and maintain relationships with patients; treatment co-ordination experience and an interest in invisible orthodontic practices.

Our Oral Surgery clients are searching for experienced clinical dental assistants to join their great teams. The Oral Surgeon Dental Assistant works chair side as the dentist examines and treats patients. Part of your role is to be able to ensure your patients are as comfortable as possible in the dental chair, prepare them for treatment, obtain their dental records and instruct patients on postoperative and general oral health care.


You will assist the dentist during a variety of treatment procedures. Set up and wipe over of surgery pre-and post-treatment; take, develop and mount dental radiographs (x-rays) as and if required; manage infection control – prepare and sterilise instruments and equipment; provide patients with instructions for oral care following all surgery treatment procedures and perform various office tasks as necessary.
Interested in these roles? If so, please apply now and email your resume to info@dentalconnectrecruitment.com or call Marita on 0439 024 878 for more information and a confidential chat.apply-here

Weekly Dental Jobs Wrap-Up!

Dental jobs

We’ve had a great couple of weeks’ here at Dental Connect Recruitment, successfully connecting a number of great candidates to wonderful new Dental practices and we are so excited for everyone!

Are you seeking a new Dental job – our Dental Recruitment Agency can help!

If you are on the hunt for a great new Dental job – whether it be as a Dental Assistant, Receptionist or Front Office Coordinator, Dental Practice Manager, OHT or Dentist, we would love to hear from you! The DCR team are passionate about establishing long-term relationships with our candidates and working with you to find that perfect job. Long-term job connections is what we are all about and what our Dental Recruitment Agency is focused on!

Are you seeking a Dental Recruitment Agency to assist you in your staffing needs?

We would love to hear from you too! Dental Connect Recruitment offer competitive rates for both our Dental temps and our permanent staffing placements for your Dental practice and we are dedicated to offering you exceptional service and care throughout this process. Our team’s combined experience in both Recruitment and the Dental industry allows us to comprehensively understand your practice’s requirements and we pride ourselves on this.

For a confidential discussion on your practices staffing needs, for either temp dental staff or permanent new team members, please call our DCR enquiries number on 0439 024 878 and one of our friendly consultants will be able to answer all of your questions!

We have a number of great Dental Candidates – Dental Assistants, Front Office Coordinators/Admin staff, Practice Managers, Dentist’s and OHT’s seeking new positions.

This week’s Dental jobs:

Brisbane Southside – Seeking an experience Dental Assistant/Receptionists to join their private Dental Practice on a casual basis for 30-35hrs/week, late nights are involved. This is a lovely small team!

Brisbane Northside – Seeking an experienced Dental Assistant who is a clinical queen/king! You will love your role as a DA and be committed to patient care and excellence. This is a 38hr/week position (2 late nights/4 day a week) in a private Practice dedicated to ensuring team-spirit and a welcoming atmosphere to their patients.

Brisbane Northside – Seeking a Sterilisation Extraordinaire! A exciting and busy Sterilisation/Floater position in an Accredited Dental Practice with a strong focus on Infection Control and safety for their patients and team is seeking a Sterilisation/Floater Dental Assistant to join their caring team in a full-time/casual position, this role will include 1 or 2 late nights. If you are a clinical Dental Assistant with a love and passion for providing impeccable infection control standards – this is the dental job for you!

Brisbane Northside – Casual Dental Assistant for 2-3 afternoon/evenings a week and the occasional full day in a fabulous Northside Dental practice. This will suit a uni student, or Mum/Dad with evenings/afternoons’ available. You will be a dedicated and committed Dental Assistant seeking a Dental Assistant role where you can be part of a team-focused practice.

Gold Coast Periodontist Specialist – Seeking long-term staff to join a busy specialist practice! You will have a great work ethic, work well under pressure and in a busy environment, follow procedures/daily manuals easily and efficiently. This is a great opportunity to join a Gold Coast Dental Specialist!

Wishing all our Dental connections a happy weekend!

Have a wonderful weekend ahead from all team at DCR! If you need us, we are just a phone call away on 0439 024 878!


Where are Kerry and Marita


Where are Kerry and Marita Dental Recruitment Consultants?

Over the last couple of years, we’ve had many questions asked like:
“Where have Dental Recruitment Consultants Kerry and Marita gone?”
“Has Kerry Harden retired?” and
“Are Kerry and Marita still with a Brisbane temp dental assistant agency?”
The questions should be “Where are Kerry and Marita now?”
The answer of course is quite simple, and they are very easy to find! Kerry Harden and Marita Skipworth are now owners and directors of their own Dental Recruitment Agency in Brisbane – Dental Connect Recruitment.



Kerry and Marita – Dental Recruitment Consultants

With a deep understanding and history in the Dental industry, and a talent of successfully connecting thousands of Dental staff to Dental practice across Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast over the years together they joined forces and formed Dental Connect Recruitment, a company that encompasses their deep moral values and care for both their Dental practice clients, and their experienced Dental candidates seeking new work connections and temping shifts.

A Dental Recruitment Agency that values and appreciates client and candidate relationships

Dental Connect Recruitment take a different and personal approach to the recruitment process for Dental practices and Dental Staff – the whole team – Kerry, Marita, Rochelle and Vicki boast a remarkable amount of experience working directly in the Dental Industry as Dental Assistants, Receptionists and Practice Managers as well as expansive experience within the Recruitment industry. DCR not only understands the general “dental lingo”, talents, personalities and work ethic needed to grow and excel in the industry – they also understand the time, cost and energy involved in finding exceptional temp Dental staff and permanent staff that match Dental surgeries values and needs.

The same friendly faces, with a rejuvenated love and passion for Dental recruitment!

Now that you have found Kerry and Marita, please touch base! Connecting with old contacts is pure joy for these two dedicated consultants!

You can contact Marita Skipworth on 0439 024 878
You can contact Kerry Harden on 0412 628 804
Or email the team at info@dentalconnectrecruitment.com

Tips For Successful Staffing Placements

Dental Connect Recruitments tips for successful staffing placements

Here at Dental Connect Recruitment, we work one-on-one with many Dental practices who are often seeking advice and guidance on how to successfully integrate a new team member into their practice for the long haul!
Recruitment, training and relationship building of a new team member are not something any of us can take lightly – it is a time consuming and costly process, so how do you get the basics right to set the foundation for a successful placement?
Let’s start at the beginning…

Before the recruitment process even starts

We ask our clients to think very clearly about an ideal team member – both their personality and skills, as well as the current team and what their skills and personalities are, and what professional relationships you have seen work well (and poorly) in the past.
Make a list – we love lists! Involve your current team, if you can, and what attributes and personalities they picture working for the team, as well as the skills and general day-to-day help and support they need within your practice. Team involvement and input can often add a new spin and understanding to the ideal addition you need to complete the team!

Have you got a clear and detailed job description and list of duties

Yes? Great – you’re on the right track!
No? This is an absolute must! Let’s chat about it in more detail.
What is the position you’re trying to fill? A Dental Assistant, a Dental Receptionist, a dual role where they need to utilise all of these skills on a day-to-day basis, right through to an Associate Dentist?
To find the most ideal candidate and new team member, you need a clear outline of the role needed in your practice, and what their duties will include. How can you find a suitably skilled Dental Assistant, if you can’t give them a clear indication of what the position involves? This is not only beneficial for you and your team, but also for matching the candidate to you – is this role what the successful candidate will enjoy and want to do for the long term?
Having a precise job description and outline of the role will help in your preparation on finding the right person for the job – if you know what skills and person you are seeking, they’ll be easier to find! In the screening and interview process you will be able to focus on the attributes you need in a new staff member, the skills they need to bring from previous position and what can be taught/learnt in on-the-job training.

Make your offer and contract clear

There is nothing worse as a job seeker than being offered a position that they thought was something completely different to the reality! This is why having a clear outline and job description to provide to us as your recruitment consultants and also to the candidates in the initial screening phase – this ensures that the candidates being considered for the position have a clear understanding of their daily duties and your expectations of the role.
Make your offer in writing, as well as in person. Keep it simple and black and white – this is the position we are offing you, this is the job description, these are the general hours, it is full-time/part-time/casual, and this is the rate of pay and/or salary and will be reviewed in 3 months. Simple 
The details can be in the contract, and we recommend you have a contract in place for all staff members in your practice. If you need help with contracts, the ADA is a good place to start for a general template.

They’ve accepted the job, now what?

A great induction and training in a new job means a lot! Invest the time, energy and passion in training your new team member. Small habits and idiosyncrasies formed in previous work places and positions, that don’t fit with your practice values and “ways” can be easily re-trained if the focus is dedicated to your new employee and their induction/training from the get go!
Explain why your practice does things and says things in a particular way, or why you don’t use a particular phrase or type of language around your patients. Inducting your new team member and allowing them observe understand your practice’s philosophy is so important. Make sure you ask and communicate with your new employee on how THEY best learn (not how YOU best teach) – understanding that everyone learns in a different way and in different time frames will ensure that you can give them the best chance at being their best. Some people learn by watching, others by doing, some need to take notes, ask lots of questions etc. Being compassionate, patient and understanding that everyone is different is a good approach.

Reviews, feedback, constructive advice

We all need it, even if some people think they don’t – or don’t enjoy it. How do we grow, learn and enhance ourselves as an individuals and employees if we aren’t given the feedback on both areas that we excel and areas we can improve. Take the time, schedule the time to sit down (as casually or formally as comfortable for you!) to chat and give feedback; this is especially important if there are concerns with an employee’s performance – if it is not addressed in a timely manner, how will they improve, learn and change to fit your practice? Investing this time and attention now can mean the difference in long term communication and security of your team.
We all love positive feedback – so give it! It’s scary, intimidating and nerve-wracking starting a new job with new people, so make it easier and more comfortable for your fabulous new employee to feel comfortable and truly belong to your practice by offering praise and thanks where deserved. This doesn’t need to be over the top, and doesn’t need a big deal made out of it, but a simple “Thanks for your hard work today, Jenny” or “You handled that patient very well today, Amanda”, can go a long way in your staff’s overall job satisfaction. (Trust us on this one! We meet and speak to a lot of Dental staff through our line of work, and one of the top reasons for our candidates seeking new jobs is that they feel unappreciated or lack positive and constructive feedback).

Changes to the job title, positon and duties

Thinking about changing, amending, adding or removing tasks and duties originally offered to your new employee? This can happen for a million reasons, some necessary for a growing business and some not, but when it does happen – talk to your employee – communication once again is the key here. Remember they have applied for a position, accepted your job after reading and speaking with you and us about a particular job description. Changes to this – whether it be the job itself, the hours needed, the locations to work at etc, needs to be done with open and honest communication about the reasons why, and if this acceptable to your employee, will assist in a happy and positive transition.

The ending note

We hope you have found some of our tips and insight helpful! Obviously we as humans and employees and employers can be fickle and all so different! Investing time, energy and care into your staff members, both before and after the recruitment process starts, is important. The DCR team are always here to talk with about how we can help you with your new team member, one that really fits your ideals and theirs. Ensuring long term staff connections is what we are truly passionate about!

You can contact us at info@dentalconnectrecruitment.com or call us on 0439 024 878 for more information on how we can help with your staffing needs


Dental Jobs Brisbane and Gold Coast

Dental jobsThe DCR team have a number of amazing jobs waiting for you! If you are looking for a new role, or know someone who is, please reach out to us!

JOB 1:

Full-Time/Casual Dental Reception/DA – 4.5 days Brisbane CBD

  • You will boast 5 years + experience in the Dental industry
  • Certificate III or IV in Dental Assisting
  • Warm and caring nature
  • Professional and confident
  • Great communication
  • Multi-tasking comes naturally
  • D4W experience highly regarded

This wonderful dual DA/Reception position will see you primarily in the front office, providing exceptional customer support to the practices patients. You will be chairside assisting approximately 1-2 days or as needed and assisting with infection control/sterilising when required. You will be flexible to provide support to the practice where required. This is a 4-5 day per week stable casual position with no late nights or weekends.

You will be able to hit the ground running with your previous experience from similar roles in the Dental Industry and be ready to make this role your own!

JOB 2:

Casual – Dental Assistant/Reception – 25+hrs Brisbane West

We are seeking a dual trained Dental Assistant and Receptionist for a casual position, approx. 25-30hrs per week within a modern dental practice located in a major shopping centre in Brisbane’s western Suburbs.

  • Casual role, stable hours
  • Brisbane Western Suburbs
  • Dual trained DA/Reception
  • Thursday nights and Saturdays required as needed
  • Experienced Dental Assistant
  • Cert III a bonus!
  • Experience with Reception – appointment making, payments etc
  • Able to multi task and work within a large, growing team

JOB 3:

Full-Time Dental Assistant – Brisbane North/West Suburbs – 2 late nights

  • Oasis Dental Software experience a huge bonus!
  • Full time Dental Assistant role with two late nights – Monday and Tuesday til 7.15pm and an occasional Saturday.
  • Experienced in all aspects of Dental Assisting
  • Able to work in a large team
  • Caring and compassionate
  • Well-established general Dental practice

JOB 4:

Full-Time/Casual Dental Assistant – Brisbane CBD – 4.5 days, no late nights or weekends.

  • Experienced Dental Assistant with 5 years +
  • Certificate III or IV highly favourable
  • Capable of all aspects of general dentistry
  • Warm and compassionate
  • Level headed and calm
  • Experienced with D4W and general reception skills

This role will see you assisting in an established practice in Brisbane’s CBD. You will be required to assist in sterilising and reception as needed, however your role is focused on providing exceptional service to both the Dentist and your patients.

JOB 5:

Full-Time Orthodontic Assistant – Brisbane Northside, multiple locations – no nights or weekends

A modern orthodontic surgery with various Northside and CBD locations is seeking an experienced and confident dental assistant who can jump in and make this role their own!

This is a full-time clinical role 38 hours a week.  You will need to be confident with all orthodontic procedures and hold a great “go-getter” attitude. Experience with Orthodontics is highly regarded but dental experience will be valued as well. If a stable, honest role and practice is what you are seeking and you would like to “connect” your excellent dental receptionist skills and knowledge base to this role then we want to hear from you.

  • Experienced Dental or Orthodontic Assistant
  • Dental software – “Dolphin” would be a huge bonus!
  • Certificate 3 in Dental Assisting highly regarded
  • Ability and drive to thrive on busy and rewarding days
  • Reliable car and license

JOB 6:

Casual Dental Assistant – North Brisbane – hours to be confirmed next week, 1 late night

A fabulous opportunity to join an established and patient focused practice in the Northern suburbs. A team-oriented practice seeking an exceptional experienced Dental Assistant seeking a long term career with a rewarding practice. If communication comes naturally, you are warm and friendly, passionate about your role as a DA and providing support to both your patients, team and Dentists alike.

  • Certificate III in Dental Assisting a must
  • Certificate IV highly regarded
  • Infection control focused
  • Patient and team focused
  • Able to effectively communicate
  • Capable of working 1 late night per week

JOB 7:

Casual Reception/DA – Gold Coast Periodontist – 30-38hrs/week

A rewarding role, within a small friendly team. Our client, a professional and supportive specialist practice are seeking a highly motivated, confident and patient focused receptionist with current and up-to-date dental assisting skills and knowledge. You will be seeking stability, have a smile and be able to engage patients with this smile and warmth whilst working.

Experience with Ultimo practice software and Periodontics will be highly regarded, but not essential as training will be provided.

  • Must be able to undertake reception duties as required
  • Interstate travel once a month
  • Excellent communication skills and attention to detail
  • Well-spoken and well-presented
  • Team player
  • Excellent chairside and infection control skills
  • Exceptional patient focus


We are seeking a number of experienced and passionate Dentists to join Brisbane based practices. 3+ years is ideal with a focus on patients care and patients overall health. If you know of any Dentists seeking a change we would love to hear from them!


Brisbane Northside – in an established practice in Brisbane Northern Suburbs 2+ days a week. More details coming in on Monday!

This is a great opportunity to join a health and patient focused practice with an established hygiene base. You will be compassionate, caring, capable and able to work in a team!

Brisbane South Side – 4.5 days a week across two great South Side locations. Established hygiene patient base and a great team! Enthusiastic OHT who is willing to learn and be mentored, suitable for New Grads! Role includes but not limited to paediatrics, Orthodontics and Myobrace, digital dentistry, periodontal therapy, implant maintenance, Oral Health Care for patients of all ages. You will need to be open minded and have a willingness to learn and grow in a supportive, caring team environment!

Please click apply below to submit your CV or call for a confidential discussion:
Rochelle – 0439 000 162
Marita – 0439 024 878


Temp Dental Assistant Role in Byron Bay

Is the sun sand and surf calling you? Why not head down and combine work and play in the lovely Byron Bay!

The DCR team are seeking two temp Dental Assistant’s and a Receptionist to assist our client who has a practice based in the beautiful area of Byron Bay.

  1. Temp DA – to assist a locum dentist – Ideal days Monday – Wednesday Immediate start.

Monday 8.30-5.00pm

Tuesday 8.30-5.30pm

Wednesday 8.30-5.00pm


  1. Temp DA – Commence immediately until 14.10.16

Monday 8.30-5.00pm

Tuesday 8.30-5.30pm

Thursday 8.30-5.30pm


  1. Temp receptionist – ongoing.  Immediate startNeed to be proficient in D4W.

Monday 8.30-5.00pm

Tuesday 8.30-5.30pm

Thursday 8.30-5.30pm


If you think one of these temp assignments would be just right for you – call Marita on 0439 024 878 or Rochelle on 0439 000 162 for more information or email on info@dentalconnectrecruitment.com


If you undertake these shifts, you will need to organise your own accommodation and or transport for the shift days.

Who is a Dental Assistant?

Who is a Dental Assistant

The definition of a Dental Assistant is a person who supports dental care delivery by preparing treatment rooms, patient instruments and passing of instruments and performing procedures in compliance with the dental practice act.

We are so much more then that let me tell you! A Dental Assistant offers so many added skills and attributes to our dental industry. A Dental Assistant must be able to adapt to different situations quickly, be able to think on their feet, multi-task throughout their day, by which they can ensure exceptional patient care, meeting the needs and requirements of their dentist, inflection control, surgery preparations, sterilisation and reception/administrative tasks just to name a few!

Dental Assistant’s provide care, kindness, support, a listening ear and a friendly smile not only to their patients but to the general public, their practitioner and team members. A person who can give all of this is considered to be “an ideal candidate” and Dental Assistant but be rest assured that these traits can be taught and learnt by all as long as you have passion and drive for your job.

Does this sound like a career for you?

If so, call Dental Connect Recruitment (DCR) for more information and a friendly supportive chat and we can give you advice which may assist you with a great connection to a fantastic, always changing and challenging industry.

Job Board Update

Dental jobs

DCR’s WEEKLY JOB BOARD – 09/06/2016

Dental positions at the Ready! Are you ready for a fabulous new Dental role?

The DCR team have a number of full-time and part-time dental positions that they need to fill with great dental staff! Check out our Job Board below and call us if you would like to know more about these roles!


Dental Assistant #1– Casual/fulltime Dental Assistant to work an alternating week roster, one week of early starts 8am-1pm/4pm and the following week for afternoon starts 1pm-8pm. You will need to possess a high level of infection control and understanding of dental treatments. Your role as a Dental Assistant is not limited to just chairside assisting, you will be an enthusiastic and excellent communicator with great customer service and patient liaison skills.

Dental Receptionist #2 – Casual/fulltime Dental Reception position for afternoon hours, 1-8pm. You will be responsible for all general reception duties, including, but not limited to – Appointment making, payments including health funds claims, DVA, Medicare and Work Cover claims, email and phone enquiries, following up outstanding treatment and treatment plans, patient recalls and active maintenance appointments. You are the friendly and comfortable smile that greets and welcomes all patients into the practice.

Dental Assistant/Receptionist Floater #3 – Casual/fulltime role working within the 3 practices, some late nights will be involved, and you will work within both the clinical and administration side of the practice providing outstanding service and professionalism.


Seeking a permanent casual dental receptionist to work approx. 37hrs/week between 2 practice locations (1 city location and north location). You will have prior dental receptionist skills and knowledge, great communication skills, high standard of presentation, exceptional patient service, a high attention to detail, a high level of computer and administration skills including typing and hold a friendly, reliable and fun personality. This role requires your own reliable car and current drivers licence. Prior experience with Oasis dental software and orthodontics would be advantageous to this role


This is a full time role, Monday to Friday – no late nights or weekends to assist a leading Periodontist in a well-established CBD practice. You will have strong clinical experience, strong attention to detail as well as excellent written and communication skills. This is a supportive and caring team who are focused on providing outstanding care! As part of this role you must have completed your Certificate III or IV in Dental Assisting or wish to complete this while working on the job.


Our client, a practice with a small and friendly team are seeking an experienced and motivated Dental Assistant to join their team with the following attributes:  minimum 2 years dental assisting experience, experience with Praktika software a huge bonus, experience with Dental Implants an advantage and up to date infection control knowledge with a happy, friendly and caring personality.


Southside dental practice seeking a part-time, casual Dental Assistant to work with the principal dentist. They are seeking a calm and dedicated team player, with exceptional patient care and attention to detail. You must hold extensive dental assisting experience and knowledge base, up-to-date infection control procedures and previous orthodontic experience would be a definite advantage.

You will be required to work on a 2 week rotating roster that includes every second Monday & Saturday and every Thursday and Friday! : Monday 7.30am-5.45pm, Thursday 7.30am-4pm and Friday 7.30am-5.15pm and Saturday’s 7.30am-3.15pm.


Southside dental practice seeking a full-time dental assistant to join their progressive and motivated team. This role is Monday-Thursday with 1 Saturday a month. Late nights involved. Excellent experience with chairside assisting, sterilisation and infection control a must.


Are you seeking a stable, kind and empathic workplace? Do you strive to give a nurturing environment for patients and want to be part of a great dental team? Our client is seeking a dental assistant to join their team. You will be required to travel around to different patient locations and provide assistance to patient’s dental treatment.


We are seeking an experienced dentist to work alongside a team of caring professionals.  You the dentist must reflect care and empathy to all those around you. This position is based on the Sunshine Coast for Tuesday and Thursday’s, 8.15am-5pm.  Please call for more details.


If any of these roles or more sound like you – we would LOVE to hear from you!

You can submit your resume by visiting our website – www.dentalconnectrecruitment.com and contact us via our “Contact Us” page.

For more information on these roles, please call Marita 0439 024 878, Rochelle 0439 000 162 or Kerry 0412628804, from Dental Connect Recruitment for a confidential chat!

North Brisbane Dental Assistant Full Time

Dental jobs

Dental Assistant – Northside

  • Be part of calm, organised team
  • Well established patient focused practice
  • Full-time role

About the company

Our Northside based client are a well-established, busy dental practice who pride themselves on offering a strong focus on patient care and attention. They are seeking a full-time dental assistant who will be required to work with the Principal dentist. This is a rewarding role for any dental assistant seeking a role which they can call their own.

About the role

Is it time to have a role which you absolutely love? If so, we are searching for an exceptional dental assistant who can bring both clinical and reception experience in the dental industry to our client. You will thrive in a busy, yet well organised surgery and be part of a great team that has a focus on providing the best patient care and attention.  You will be able to provide your dentist with chairside and patient data input experience and be a vital part of the appointment from the start to the finish.

Does this describe you?

  • Experience in note taking for patient information and treatment plans
  • Do you have excellent communication, presentation skills and a sharing smile!
  • Are you focused on giving outstanding patient care, attention to brighten a day?
  • Willing to share the late night roster with the team!
  • Start your day with a morning team huddle and be rewarded with a calm, well scheduled day!

Skills & Experience

  • Experienced Dental Assistant
  • Dental reception experience a bonus!
  • Cert 3 in Dental Assisting highly regarded


This caring dental team focus on their patient care, their attention to detail and their knowledge of what the day ahead will bring will be an asset. You will be joining a state of the art dental practice with a primary focus on quality dental care.

How to apply

Email your current resume and cover letter to info@dentalconnectrecruitment.com to submit your application or you can call us for a confidential discussion.

Marita on 0409 268 077

Kerry on 0412 628 804

Rochelle on 0431 890 378


What to wear to a Dental interview

interview checklist

“Professional, Professional Presentation 101”

As part of the DCR team’s continued support of our lovely candidates I thought it would be best to do a “blog” about presenting yourself for an interview and what to wear to a dental interview.

The DCR team are asked a lot about dress standards and expectations for an interview. These are really quite simple:


Presentable and


When we use these words to describe interview attire, I do not mean rush out to the shops and buy the most expensive business type clothes on the rack; I mean take a quick look in your wardrobe and see what you have already that maybe suited for interviews and then head out and purchase (if you can afford it) a couple of items that you can mix and match with your clothes already. An example of this could be; a crisp white collared shirt, a plain black skirt and maybe another coloured collared shirt – these 3 items can be matched with business type black or navy trousers and a nice polished pair of shoes to match!

interview attire