Ready to start temping with Dental Connect Recruitment? You will find our expectations of a dental temp tips here!

The Dental Connect Recruitment team are here to support you whether this is your first time temping, or you’re an experienced temp, please take the time to read through our expectations. We have put together a few guidelines for temping with DCR to ensure both our clients and our temps have great

Communicating with DCR and our Dental Clients

As your employer, it is important that you keep us up date with your shift availabilities and any changes to your contact details. Failure to respond to our shift availability confirmations each week mean you won’t be included in our shift bookings! What does this mean? No shifts, no pay!

Communication between you, us and our dental clients – think of us as your connection to the practices. If you are running late to a shift, interested in being considered for a permanent role, or have any concerns with a practice – please contact DCR directly, not the practice.

Presentation and uniforms when o temp shifts

Remember that you are representing not only DCR but also yourself when you attend a temp shift. It is expected that you be professionally presented with neat and tidy hair and an acceptable “uniform”, your “uniform” should consist of:

  • Black or Navy dress pants
  • Short sleeved, preferably collared blouse or shirt
  • Fully enclosed, preferably leather shoes
  • Clinic coat, not essential, but preferable
  • Minimal jewellery ie. No rings, necklaces or bracelets

Timesheets and your pay

When you attend your temp shift, please take a DCR timesheet and have it signed by the practice at the end of your shift.

Our pay week is Monday – Sunday, so after the completion of all your shifts for the week, please email or SMS a copy of your timesheet by 12pm on Monday. Pays are processed on Thursday morning’s and generally electronically deposited into your account by the next business day.

If you experience any issues with your pay, please contact us immediately so that we can rectify this in a timely manner.

Please ensure that you have returned your Tax File Declaration and your Superannuation forms to DCR as quickly as possible.

Attending your temp dental shifts

We understand it can sometimes be daunting attending a new practice when you first start temping. Please remember that the DCR team is here to support you, and if you ever have any concerns, please let us know. Here are some tips to make your shifts a little easier:

  • Introduce yourself – make a real effort to introduce yourself to the other staff and dentists, a quick hello and a smile goes a long way!
  • Ask questions – start your day off by asking the dentist if there is anything he/she particularly like’s, or if there is something that you can do to make the day run smoothly and normally for them.
  • Get familiar – look through the drawers, before you start patients, make yourself familiar with where the instruments and products are.
  • Understand the expectations – ask if you will be required to do your own sterilising, or if there is a steri nurse. If you haven’t been given an intro into how the day should run, just ask!
  • If you need to be in the sterilising room, make sure you know the practices process, and how to use the autoclave and any equipment needed.
  • Be friendly, be positive and be a blessing to the practice – understaffing can often cause some undue stress within a practice, if you are positive and do your job well, you’ll ensure the whole practice, including yourself, enjoys the day!