What to wear to a Dental interview

interview checklist

“Professional, Professional Presentation 101”

As part of the DCR team’s continued support of our lovely candidates I thought it would be best to do a “blog” about presenting yourself for an interview and what to wear to a dental interview.

The DCR team are asked a lot about dress standards and expectations for an interview. These are really quite simple:


Presentable and


When we use these words to describe interview attire, I do not mean rush out to the shops and buy the most expensive business type clothes on the rack; I mean take a quick look in your wardrobe and see what you have already that maybe suited for interviews and then head out and purchase (if you can afford it) a couple of items that you can mix and match with your clothes already. An example of this could be; a crisp white collared shirt, a plain black skirt and maybe another coloured collared shirt – these 3 items can be matched with business type black or navy trousers and a nice polished pair of shoes to match!

interview attire